Thursday, July 30, 2009

Easy tasks

Wow! I must be very old by IT Professionals' standards.

See, yesterday and today I've been doing tasks that a few years ago simply would cause anybody to plan very carefully the best course of action. It has become second nature to just start doing those for me. No planning, no worries, no scares.
I guess that's what experience really is: an accumulation of practice in order to make permanent.

And then, the new technologies are the ones that scare me. Therefore, since most of my experience and specialization are becoming obsolete; I must continue doing these now menial and boring tasks. I simply don't dare touch the new stuff.

Business does not change, fortunately. So, creating quotations, proposals and reports is something I still enjoy. Good thing these do not change much. Just the wording, the new names of devices and software versions and the strange labels attached to older firms' products that have been acquired by bigger fish.

So, it's businerdss as usual.


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