Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Windows 7 is finally (?) coming

Strange, isn't it? We all expected the next generation of the most popular OS to be released by March or April 2010; however, strong competition (Fedora, Suse, Ubuntu and Chrome OS) and pressure for both consumers and corporations have made Micro$oft release it sooner than that. No fancy or strange name, not much of a fanfare; but rather a product that seems more like an apology than an offer.

I have worked, tested and experimented all Windows versions of XP (even 64b); Vista Standard, Home, Business and Ultimate (even 64b); and some of the 7 Beta and Release Candidate (even 64b).

I see Seven as Vista SP3. I know there are many behind-the-scenes improvements on security and networking on Seven, but most of the ‘new’ noticeable features in it are just what we were hoping for in Vista a couple of years ago. For those of us that use Linux or Macs, we only can wish some of the very useful tools on these could be at least be imitated by Seven. Not many new features in that department.

1st disappointment: WinFS is not in it yet.
2nd: if only Seven could be as fast and easy as XP on connecting to networks…

Oh! Well. I've set my eyes on Windows 8. I'm sure THAT ONE will be a real competitor to the nascent Chrome and the ever-more useful Ubuntu.

The wait is on.

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