Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a month!

Well, now I know how it happens that all of a sudden varied situations accumulate and make one’s life… mmh, interesting; to say the least.

Just a month ago I knew that week would be hard and fast: I ran a half marathon on Sunday, woke up incredibly early on Monday to install/merge a server into an existing network, along with making everything in the network work flawlessly that same day. All that on top of the regular weekly duties, and having to prepare a presentation for a 40 attendees’ audience the next week.

All would have been alright save a few hours shaved from my daily sleep, however, sky fell when my partner had to leave in a sudden trip that would make me work twice as much for 5 days.

I learnt that one can do so much when under pressure, but also know that we need to rest in order to recharge and be at 100% level. It is until this week that I feel I’m finally catching up to everything –including sleep-, so then I need to come back to running, reading, and writing.

So, please understand it has not been a lack of desire that has putting me away for so long: it’s been simply, life.

Thanks for your patience!

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