Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mellow tasks

I dunno about you but it's incredibly hot in my city these days. I am able to work remotely today and I do not know whether that's a good thing: my place does not have any air conditioned and my only source of breeze is open windows. I’m pretty sure the office and perhaps even the servers’ room is cooler than here.

Which makes me work slower than usual, despite the fact that I am mainly writing email messages, checking logs and applying updates. No physical movement practically, and even so I’m sweating.

Seems like everybody else feels the same; I have received only 2 phone calls in the day and have made two others myself.

After a cold lunch I decided to take my laptop somewhere else; found a nice park with plenty of families gathered around the kids’ water park, the shadows of a tree and the wind have made my workday more enjoyable. I even found a couple of open shared WiFi signals. Whoever is “Judds” thanks a lot for making my day nicer.

At my place I have a secured wireless network but also provide a secondary open signal. I've been fortunate enough to be able to find a way to connect through somebody else's router and therefore I offer mine in return. It is just nicer to share.

Shouldn't it be like this? It costs us nothing to simply open a channel for other to make their life easier, the same way the Open source community works towards a better world, we all can offer whatever we can to others. It just makes sense in my view.

I’m still mellow, but at least a smile is present.

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