Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Email programs and devices

I just found out I use a variety of methods to send and receive email messages for/on my main email account:
If checking via web browser, my hosting company allows me to choose between Horde, Roundcube and Squirrel.
On my Windows server, I use Eudora
On my Vista/W7 Laptop, I use Thunderbird and/or Lotus Notes
On my Ubuntu laptops, I use Evolution
On my PDA, I use Blackberry email
I think on the family desktop I've also used Outlook, but that has been for testing purposes only
So, at least 9 different ways to use the same service. And that's only one account (on last count, among business related, associations' and free ones, I have at least 15).

No wonder people gets confused by my variety of fonts, features, signatures, looks, and all.

Wait! I need to send me an EM reminder about standardizing my signature. Chat soon.

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