Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finding Qualified Personnel

I’ve heard it countless times: people at the top of the decision making process, in HR and even on intermediate management positions. It is SO difficult to find qualified staff.

Whether the position to be filled is an entry-level or a top-notch, the woes about lack of knowledge, experience and most importantly; attitude is ever present in most organization. It does not matter what the hiring process is; there will always be loopholes in the system, and exaggeration from people to fill vacant places in order to get a ‘job’.

Which begs the question: how are you perceived from your supervisors, clients, stockholders, colleagues and people at different levels?
Are you capable, valuable, competent and have the attitude? In just one word, are you employable?

How did you manage to get to the place you are at right now? How long do you think you can be there, based on the answers to the previous questions?

Be of value: show your worth, and peace of mind will always be by your side.

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