Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Communicating our ideas independently of and despite the language

So, with so many devices and Web based technologies we start getting used to lots of ways of communicating, it is becoming more and more complex to convey ideas nowadays. From the clear and precise books and magazines’ authors and other existing text formats, to the unconventional and rushed, sometimes –most times- grammatically and orthographic incorrect email, chat and TXT messages; it is becoming not only somehow quick and efficient, but also frustrating and worse –in those regards- every time.

It comes to my mind for instance; one specific person whose use of chat features left so much to wish for, from horrific grammar and the simple lack of proper punctuation to the constant hitting of “next line” before finishing a sentence. Sometimes I thought they were assertive on their findings, affirmations and declarations, only to find out after some frustrated minutes that what they were doing was asking questions.

However, with some effort on our part we can be sure the message happens to be transmitted right most of the times, in fact way more than not. Therefore it has to be a positive outcome, and although the messages can vary in format, the soul of such are received.

However, w/some effort on our part we can B sure da mssg happens 2B transmitted right most of da x, in fact way > not. .: it has 2B a +++ outcome n although da mssgs can vary in format, da soul of such R got.

And… we are reading this in just one language! It becomes VERY interesting and lots of fun when two transceptors understand more than one tongue. You surely have had such experience already.

Purists will complain and criticize such use –deliberate or not- by so many “illiterate” folks.
Me? I have no problem with that when it comes to quick chats and such. However, books, articles and even Blogs deserve quality; not only in the content, but also in the way they are delivered.

X-I-10! Isn’t it? B2W now. C U L8R

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