Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Of importance

Having some time to plan for the future: I mean, I’m trying to focus on those tasks the experts say are important for the continuity of the business. All I’m saying is today’s chores are mainly aimed at the long-term plans inherently of any enterprise, venture, partnership, or organization.

In other words, I’m not doing anything crisis-solving like activities right now. No learning, no replying to “urgent” messages, not even planning tomorrow’s day, and such. Simply thinking and deciding on the next moves based on past performance.

So, working on a ‘nice’ quadrant. Feels like there won’t be much money to be made this week, but today's labour will be similar to that of a hardworking farmer.

I’ve read that’s important. I guess it’s important. I wish it’s important and I hope it’s important.

Hope the macroeconomic world agrees with this, governments don’t disrupt policies and no drastic natural events alter, once again, all those future plans we’ve seen destroyed recently.

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  1. It has to be done now and again. Stop, see where you are and see where you're going.