Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Useful waste of resources

As an IT professional, consultant and business partner, it still amazes me to find people reluctant to acquire the latest software technologies, and dump old applications that do not do anything but hold the brakes of their own organizations.

Chances are you are reading this on a hand-held device; if not, then there’s a 95% chances you are using a Windows based PC. Is it Windows 7? (Today is Tuesday, April 20, 2010)

Well… Windows XP, its predecessor, is already almost a decade old. Are you holding on the upgrade because at least one of your applications “does not run on anything other than XP”? Did not we all know about the impending upgrade coming? So, what are your software suppliers doing?
Have you tried replacing that old package with something new that will make your time better used?

I have faced people asking me what the best path would be to degrade Windows 7 to XP; o that they continue to use everything the way they are used to.

Just think about the enormous amount of resources you put in place to accomplish this, and then, once again in a short period of time put some more resources to get the system back to the future. It is just a waste of time, effort and human capital.

Why not invest all those resources in acquiring newer packages? Believe me, they will make everything easier, and you will be more productive in no time.

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