Thursday, August 13, 2009

True value

Last year I had to take a device for fixing to a shop that returned it to me in worse shape than before. Although it was working, I constantly had to tweak it so that it would work better for a while, then it would start the annoyance again. This situation took a few months, so I decided to take it back to the shop for them to fix it once and for all.
They inspected, tweaked, disassembled, put all back together and could not find a single problem, and returned it to me once again; just to have the same situation as before. Two months later I went to the shop: same story.

For the past month it was getting worse day after day. I decided I needed to fix it myself and so I purchased a kit that most likely would make it work as expected. Turns out I could not fix it, and made it worse; however, in so doing I realized the shop did not do things properly in the first place. Hence, the main failing component was in such a poor shape that practically just touching it made the whole thing collapse. It would have been so easy and cheap for the shop to simply replace such part and really fix the problem.

I spent countless hours dealing with what was such an easy fix. I felt like suing the shop, or starting a bad publicity campaign on-line; or simply get there and shout to the owner, the technicians, and everybody who would port the shop logo.

I did not do anything: partly because I have better things to do with my time, and mainly because the headaches associated with any of such actions would have made me older in a matter of a few months.
I decided to swallow all of the time wasted, the money lost and all. I went to a different shop to have it fixed knowing that they would charge for the fix, but I'd much rather pay these unknown guys than going back to the original shop.

To my surprise, they accommodated my request in their busy schedule, had it seen before the expected waiting time, and fixed it in a matter of minutes. I was so glad I had it back in perfect shape that I was about to pay whatever fee I would see in the invoice.
Here comes the best part: FREE. They realized somebody else messed up long time ago, and without asking me anything simply replaced the broken part with a new one. Then they only asked me if I would be willing to come back to them for future service.

My gosh! They had me at the reception. I'm sold!
Kudos to such human and really service-oriented people.

That's what I call true value.

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