Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dreading new Data Backup setups

I remember the old days when backing data up took not only lots of preparation in every sense, but also lots of time for practically every task associated with the process.
Choosing the right type of tape drive, then the software to be installed, configured, and finally monitored. The daily, weekly, monthly resources allocation for simply inserting, extracting, labelling, storing tapes was then replaced by either CDs and DVDs or HD cartridges. The options for backing up to these would range from very expensive-corporate-like products, to affordable-but-difficult proprietary packages.

Lately, most of the big names in data backup have finally switched their attention to NAS and external Hard Drives. Finally! ...a little too late though.
Last year I set into production our first Windows 2008 Server box. A few months ago I used its Data Backup console to set a scheduled job that has been working like a charm. I already tested the data recovery and all; all just works. So, no extra software to be purchased, no hassle.
Today, I added a 2nd drive to the equation; I expected a somehow difficult setting having the existing job not interfere with the new. I was surprised to find that I could simply add the second drive to the existing schedule with not much thinking or tweaking.

I dreaded this task for a couple of months, I even avoided it somehow. It is SO easy now to manage all these tasks that I wonder why it took so long to the BU SW manufacturers to get to this. Mind you, this is a Microsoft product (service).
Not dreading anything anymore.

Next “complex” task, here I come!

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