Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where are we going?

Besides the myriad of applications that already exist for practically anything, the pace of new releases for, well… practically everything, is just amazing. How can we, humble IT Professionals keep pace with both the existing and mature applications in the marketplace; and on top of that learn or maybe just get to know the nascent programs that people find on the Web and simply start using?
Nowadays you can even find video clips explaining the way to utilize such applications, some of which are more complicated than others and require a good amount of hours to understand.
And this is just the beginning: all will be ported to the cloud and therefore the pace of releases and new applications will become exponentially faster. There is absolutely no stopping on this race; and the finish line is nonexistent.

Do not worry, though. All these new developments will become eventually so easy to use that they'll also be disposable.

Hang on tight. The whirlwind ride is just starting.

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