Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Burning desires

One of my subs came to me asking me to please copy a CD-ROM for him. Nobody in his department knows how to do it and even he having access to two computers he does not dare trying.

The fact is that he knows I am the most senior IT-related person around, and also that my computer is the most powerful in the building.
It has been a while since I copied a CD-ROM; a few years ago I would do that constantly, and for that purpose I had a DVD drive as Origin and a DVD/CD burner as the main copier.

Now I only have one unit. I have not had the need to do anything similar in a while, and the fact that both CDs and DVDs are being quickly replaced by flash drives, USB devices, Internet High Speed connections, etc. Keeps me wondering whether Blu-Ray Disks will be the last type of rotating device we will ever touch.

I can’t wait to see what the new technologies will bring in terms of audio and video. How many HD movies and pre-recorded events will a device connected to the TV set contain, say 5 years from now?
Neither I know.

As I extract the quickly and newly burned CD from the tray, scribble the title with a permanent marker on its surface, and put it in and old empty sleeve; I can’t help but wonder how far we have come on this field within just a couple of decades.

Here’s to more and amazing surprises in the near and far future.


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