Monday, April 27, 2009

Ubuntu and the Swine Flu

Ubuntu 9.04 was released last week. Good.
The main (only?) bug found so far has to do with the Adobe Flash Player not working in some systems.

After lots of forum contributing/checking, blogging about it, and trying installing and uninstalling packages, downloading latest Flash versions for different distros, reverting video drivers to earlier versions, etc… etc… Some guys already found the solution. Among them, in case you are reading this from a Linux x86 based putter:
(For a 64b system, simply uninstall: sudo apt-get remove swfdec-mozilla
And then reopen Firefox, let the system find and suggest to install the default player and voilá. It will work beautifully.)

Now back to the real world: Swine flu spreading quickly, mainly in North America.
Seems like the barrage of bad news will always override the good ones. No wonder Youtube and many other sites that provide “feel good” content are the most sought-after.

However, despite these news and all the other ones combined: economic downturn, hunger in Africa, extremists gaining ground…

Have you ever thought that we, the ones capable of being in front of a computer -perhaps even drinking coffee- are in fact, happy?
When was the last time you were hungry? Thirsty? Sick? Injured?

That’s right. I count my blessings, not my troubles.
Do you?


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