Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sorry state of the economy and heroes

No new car this year, rather we’ll fix the old Dodge ‘89.
Upgrades are up, complete systems purchases are put on hold, projects are being killed.
No more Starbucks cup every other day, the supermarket has a 907gm ground Arabica coffee can for just $6.00...
...and The Big Three Losers are receiving an injection typical of what happens in the once demonized socialists’ countries.

I can just barely imagine a similar scenario 10 years from now when Apple, M$, and ...er... Dell? Ask for a bailout of such proportions.

Us? Well... we purchased way more than what we could afford, and now that it is payback time we feel as if someone else has betrayed us.
Not to worry. We all big spenders are now HEROES.

That’s right, just check the headlines for the past dozen years and you’ll notice that all those soldiers, firefighters, policemen and civilians that have died being victim of top-layers politicians are not being called for what they are: victims. Rather, they have attached the HERO label on each of their last-time-written-somewhere names.

So, please do not feel bad. We all are heroes now. Although it was a self inflicted wound, we can consider ourselves saviours of our own self.
Give yourself a pat in the upper back, and next time you see yourself in the mirror state a heartfelt “Thank you for making me a hero.”

Now... the solution to this mess? Well, you know it, they said it: go back shopping and pay it all with the money you do not have. That’s what credit cards are for.
Duty calls. We all heroes have to chip in.

Happy spending!

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