Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Microphones are a powerful thing

Went to a Windows 2008 seminar, something related to the main advantages over previous versions and all the good new innovations and blah blah blah
Not that I know anything deep about such servers or their differences, but I was very close to the event place and they were offering free pizza and drinks.

While waiting for the start time, a few of us started a discussion on Microsoft’s latest products. Obviously Windows Vista popped up. The presenter (Frankie) had extol and nothing else for such a beast, praising its security features, new interface and a plethora of “under the hood” capabilities.
Windows 7 was obviously mentioned, and a good discussion started, with very good points from some of the attendees.
In my technology obtuse understanding of business, I mentioned the fact that Windows 7 equalled Service Pack 2 for Vista. Barely able to complete my sentence, Frankie snapped saying that they were different products and that there would be a SP2 for Vista - apparently before the V7 launch- and then an SP3 further down the road.
He might be right. After all he’s an MCSE (Micro$oft Certified Systems Evangelist)
But... is anybody in their right mind even believing that SP3 for Vista will ever see the daylight? Is there a serious business user that will wait for SP2 for Vista knowing that Windows 7 is already available?
After people switch all Vista computers to W7, and the older XP ones are replaced with new ones carrying W7, other PCs and more and more are swapped for Linux based and/or Macs, is there a remote possibility that Windows 8 will ever make it to our laptops and Nettops? (No more Desktops in 2012, except those that require a specific card for running a very specific application or device)

Coming back to the original issue. No matter who among the six of us was right, no matter who did his homework, has more experience, is smarter, or simply has a long term vision. The one that has the mike, has the power.
You notice it everywhere: radio talk shows, presenters, singers, comedians, etc.
They might not be the know-it-alls, but surely think they are because they hold the mike.

My suggestion? Next time you have to ask for a loan, make your point across, praise the superiority of the Amiga computer, or simply ask for a raise, do it with a microphone in your hand.


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