Friday, February 20, 2009

I swear

Yesterday, one of my teammates said something to which nobody had an answer to. She swore in front of 9 other people.
A few months ago I watched the news and a politician was apologizing because she swore in public; or her words were caught by the microphones of the media.
Today, early morning the anchor guys at one of the radio stations my spouse listens to said that on average parents swear six days a week.

What all these people have in common is that they all think it is alright to swear; my teammate said, after a penetrating look asking her to refrain: “oh! Come on, don’t you ever swear?”
The politician did not apologize for swearing, her apology indicated that she was sorry she did it in public, remarking that WE ALL swear.
The radio anchors went on saying that it was normal, one of them said that he easily went over and above such average, while the other agreed that it is fine to do it from time to time.

Well... my dears, I do not do it.

The last time I remember doing it consciously was 20 or more years ago, when I was very young and therefore very s%$&#d.
Please know that, like me, there are thousands of people that do not use such language. We do not see the need, neither we find it appropriate in any way, not even to vent frustrations or anger.

Personally, it just is not part of my individuality.

So, swearers of the world, be aware NOT EVERYBODY SWEARS.

I am sorry I cannot swear that.

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