Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let go.

In many fields, but particularly in this field of ours, we know there’s new tools released very often. We do not know how to utilize them, but we also know they will be easier to use once we acquire them. It only makes sense, aside from the fact that said tools will certainly come with newer features and more capabilities.

However, we find ourselves constantly (dare I say daily?) maintaining very old systems and processes.

Lots of resources are put in place in order to make such gear work as we need it to be.
Lots of resources are put in place in order to make such gear work as we are used to.

Yet we know that we would save lots of money, time, and effort by simply replacing those old implementations with more modern equipment. However, we seem to have this fear to try new things that the very thought of having to learn something new is dreaded.

And then, when we finally decide and get the newest tool, we usually find ourselves saying: “how could I live/work/be without this?”

Exactly the same happens with the mental baggage we carry everywhere: old feelings, old ideas, unchecked to-do items, worries that should no longer exist because the situation that created those have disappeared or changed... etc.
Why can’t we update them, replace them, or simply let them go?

I have decided to make an inventory of such items. My goal is to reduce that warehouse to 10% or less of what it contains today. As it happens when we move, a myriad of things will be there just taking space; plain garbage most of the times.
I know it won’t happen overnight, but I also know by the end of the year I will keep only the things that really matter to me in the present time.

I will, simply, let go.

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