Friday, April 3, 2009

I’ve got a confession to make

Well, in reality I have lots of things I should confess. Just that I am scared to do.

Most of us have a few thoughts time and again about something wrong we did and keep thinking that it is better to continue hiding the truth because that way nobody will be affected. The thought that everything is fine the way it is somehow provides a false peace in which we immerse ourselves as in a public pool.
Like me, most of us think that it is alright to hide such things and not disclose them to the parties involved. Or better said, not disclose them to the parties not involved, but that somehow should be.

This is a mental and spiritual burden that is wearing us down, whether we notice it or not.
Don’t believe me? What keeps you up at night? Isn’t it related to those ‘secrets’? Good, you are leaving a legacy of goodness, honesty and integrity for your family and friends.
However, if it is... well, simply start unloading the sack. It is not that difficult. People you need to tell about it will be thankful; and you’ll sleep sounder.

Yes, I am not disclosing everything. Not right now. I mean, not everything at once: it is being done gradually and I’m starting with the simplest and easiest ones. With practice I will get better at facing those heavy demons that I’ve been carrying around.

Business related, although huge, are easy. Family... well, I’ll get there. I promise.

I hope you also feel lighter soon.

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