Monday, June 7, 2010

Easy days, busy days

All is well, work flows nicely, another day of accomplishments, successes, deadlines met, budgets not exceeded, evenings with loved ones... life's good.

And then, Bam! Something goes wrong: which means long work hours, weekends become nonexistent, mind is busy all the time, lack of proper sleep contributes to the frustration, stress and extra pressure to solve the issues.

I love it. Really.
Another lesson learned, the day to day tasks will become easier after this experience; and all in all, it is just part of the roller-coaster ride, if there were no ups, there would not be any downs. No rush, no calm; no heat, no cold; ...wavelengthed life...

So, no time for much reading or editing. Gotta get back to whatever it was I was doing before this 10 minutes respite.
See you later when the storm disappears and clear skies help the recently watered flowers bloom.

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