Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Fight is not on Facebook

The day is fast approaching.

Yes, you and I keep reading the tweets and posts and all those messages, images, and ideas. But the fight is not here where the screen stares at you: all of us in your circles know that. The fight is on the street.

Keep posting, sharing, liking and using these devices to contact your people. But realize that these Social Media pages are only tools that allow us to share the times and places where we can really manifest ourselves. Talk to all people you see on a daily basis: you don’t need to prepare a speech; a simple “I believe the best option is…” while you order coffee, or a “we need to talk to elders too…” when at your little one’s soccer practice, will do.

Action. On the street. Not here on the screen.

Talk to the rest of them, not everybody is connected all the time or at all. Camps, protests and manifestations are one way, but there are many others: the thing is to talk and, if necessary, shout.

Stop criticizing. Get up and start fighting.


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