Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It’s been a while…

I know. And I guess I have to start by explaining a few things. However, please know that I have not stopped writing during all this time. The only difference, or better said, the main difference is that my writing has gone on a self-imposed journey; one of research and development, for lack of a better explanation. See, I have been writing to acquaintances in different fields and geographical areas, I’ve written to those that understand me perfectly and reply with good information and feedback. I’ve done it on a few specific projects. I’ve written to those that don’t know even how to write and that can provide valuable input on an ‘experimental’ area. I’ve written what can be said publicly in a privately only-one-recipient form, and what is private in a public manner (with some discretion, of course). I’ve written in Spanish, English and even French, and I’ve written using smart phones, computers, pen and paper, and even on the sand, on dirty car glasses, and have even left anonymous messages on whiteboards. I’ve done a lot of the opposite too: read master authors, read no-substance magazine articles, read lots friends’ posts in Social Media, etc. etc. In brief, I have not stopped. Also, life has intervened. Plans have had to be changed many times and some have had to be postponed for weeks, and even months. So, please know that I’m still here. I just needed some time to put some obstacles aside, organize a few other factors and accomplish a long-term plan that has finally come to completion. I am auto imposing the resolution to be not more active on this front no, but simply collect results and start posting and re-posting all those messages, ideas and happenings. So, hang on: there are a few surprises coming.

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