Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thanks for the BD wishes

Thanks everybody for so many messages, calls and more. I am unquestionably a very lucky man having such wonderful and diverse group of friends.

My day started beautifully sunny, was able to wake up relatively early and go for an easy 5.6 Km run, went to work with really nice people, and even had some time at lunch time to have a Grande Dark Roast cup of coffee (part of it went to my shirt, but the rest has been gladly consumed). Getting back home I found myself replying to many voicemail, email, T and FB messages. So, despite my failed attempts to hide under the laptop, I have been found.

Later on I am enjoying my kids’ “surprise dinner” and handmade gifts.

So, your wishes have become true: I’m happy to be so healthy, so loved by my family, and counting on all of you around me. I am truly blessed.

I definitely can’t ask for more. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! (Salty ones in my eyes).

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