Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vendors and services

As of late my phone has been ringing displaying telephone numbers from many different area codes, some easily identifiable some others not. My email in-box has also supported a barrage of messages from many different and undoubtedly new vendors, offering their products arguing that those are the best in their class.
Some of those companies which we have had some kind of relationship in the past are coming back with new products, strategies and offerings, sot that we come back to support, offer, comment on, and recommend again.

As in your field, the IT landscape changes constantly, but the constant here is that it changes quickly, sometimes in unforeseen directions that catch us unprepared and makes us realize that the best predictions are those that belong in the short-term realm. Trying to plan for long-term trends in IT is just a dream.

Needless to say, as trusted business advisers, we have to be ever-observant of such changes in wind direction and adjust the sails appropriately. Products, services and technologies that were relevant just half a year ago, are now surpassed or replaced by new incumbents; and sometimes by some that have been there for years, only under the radar. Some have been so good that we only understand the concepts years after those have been crafted and brought to life.
From devices to telecommunication to Internet developments, there are always new and exciting tools our businesses should be taking advantages of.

So, although I have to be patient and polite to the junior salesperson trying to convince me about their products (she’s convinced theirs are the best in the world) simply because I approached their booth, visited their website or tried one of their services; I also have had very good conversations and experiences with senior representatives about how their offerings compare to the competition and such. One thing is certain; the number of new companies, new products and new services is only increasing.

Better to accept that fact and start clearing up the arena to have such competitors face off.

More vendors, more services, more new products. Vote now, and hang on.

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