Friday, December 31, 2010

My wish for the New Year is also my resolution.

You might not believe me, especially if you know me well or have been in touch with me recently, however:

In the New Year I do not wish you lots of success, neither health. I do not wish you happy moments or many of those. I do not wish you get more money than what you’ve received, neither good luck.

My wish is different this time.

I wish you share yourself; not with me only, but with everybody else: I’m sure if you are reading this message you already have and have had way more of any of those items listed in the last paragraph. So, please share. I’m not asking you to sell your car and donate the proceeds to a charitable organization, neither that you open your house to everybody in need of shelter or food.

My wish is that you lend a helping hand to those around you: a family member, a co-worker, a classmate, even a stranger. Not in the sense that you start sharing personal data or possessions with a complete unknown person, but rather that you help the old lady cross the busy street, or patiently wait for her to get to the curb. That you ask someone if everything is alright if their face shows a desire to share a situation or frustration. That you help carry the heavy bags a mother is struggling to get across the parking lot while also pushing a stroller. That you help your peer finish his or her job if you already did and have some spare time. That instead of plopping down on the couch at the end of your day you go ask your daughter/sister/son/brother if they needs help with the homework…

Simply put, that you lend a hand, a shoulder, a high-five, a nod, anything positive to those that could benefit from your sharing. All these actions should be accompanied by a smile, of course.

So, my wish for you this New Year is simply that: share yourself. I am making it my own wish, my hope, and my resolution.

My only second wish is that you are with me on this voyage.

Happy New Year!

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