Thursday, May 20, 2010

Email Access

Exchange, Gmail, Web-based, Outlook, Thunderbird, POP, Evolution, Domino, IMAP, Lotus Notes, Blackberry, Windows Live Mail… confused? Me too.

It would require many pages or perhaps an entire volume to list products and differentiate the many and every time more techniques required for making email work. What is definitely true is that the local vs. Web based email system implementation battle has been won by the latter.

By local I mean having a dedicated server or computer run the main email program inside our offices, so that we can quickly and easily access email. It is also more expensive to do this, so if by any chance your company holds an Exchange, Domino or similar product; tell them to evolve. The financial department will thank your input.

It’s easier, cheaper, faster and more ubiquitous to simply connect to the email servers on the cloud than having resources put in place to manage company’s email. Basically, the more on-the-cloud email services you have, the easier and better it is.

You for sure know that Google offers Gmail along with some other Cloud-based products, but it is not the only company doing so. Big Blue has started already, there are plenty of dedicated ISPs and MSPs already on-the-cloud, and even Microsoft is “All-in” now; offering partial integration with existing products, and definitely fully integrating with the new generations: Office 2010, for instance.

By the way: what you receive aside from knowledge when you attend school or take a course is a diploma or certificate. You do not acquire “education”. Education is a concept the same way Email is. So, what you receive and send by using email is messages. You do not receive “an email”, you receive “a message”.
If you still tell your acquaintances “I will send you an email” you are lying. Nobody has ever been nor will ever be able to send email.

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