Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where are all the trainers?

In our ever-busy IT field, we can barely keep up with demand for maintenance, new projects, new systems and all. We have been getting comfortable lately with very basically implementing whatever it is we need to do in order to continue with the next set of tasks.

We leave the users and/or clients feeling that they have a new shining car, and although the doors are open, they do not know where the keys are.

Where are all the trainers? There must be an incredible amount of demand for so many and varied new packages and ways of utilizing new technologies. Yet we keep being asked again and again about things we thought users would know or find out pretty easily.
I'm also sure we IT departments or consultants could set training sessions for such topics, however there must be people better prepared for such tasks.

And yet, some of my colleagues keep complaining about the lack of work. There is no such thing; there are still so many holes to be filled: training is just one example of myriad areas that still need to be covered.

I'm also sure this does not apply exclusively to the IT field.

So, are you looking for work? Time to start working then.

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