Thursday, March 11, 2010

What do you want to do?

Remember when you were a kid and watched the Olympics, or the moon landing, or the firefighters putting out a fire or saving somebody from a building engulfed in flames?

How about those paintings once you enjoyed so much at an art gallery or a museum? Perhaps pictured in a book?
And books, of course! How many times after reading one you could not put down but until finishing it you thought to yourself: “I’d like to write something like this”.

What did you want to do?

Are all those famous singer or actress’ dreams extinguished? Are you waiting until you retire to retake drawing and painting lessons? Record your album? Travel the world around?

It’s a little bit late now, isn’t it?
It’s not.

What you wanted to do when you were a kid is STILL what YOU WANT to do NOW.
Be a little bit selfish and explain all those that depend on you that you will start chasing your dreams. Do not hesitate. Do it NOW. Please! Do not die with and unfinished to-do list.
Start (or restart) today.

First four steps: see yourself in the mirror, take a deep breath, look deep into your eyes, and tell yourself out loud: “I’m starting today”.
That’s it.

What are you doing? GREAT! :)

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