Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hungry for devices

The best advice for grocery shopping I've ever read is: “go when you are not hungry”.

The same way you should check the fridge and pantry to know what you have, what you want, and what you need for the most basic of necessities applies to technology, and I'm pretty sure every other type of business related purchases. Whether you are looking for a new laptop or printer, note what you already have in premises to make sure you are not going on a frenzy spending spree: even if it is only taking a peek on-line. Even if we do not have an updated inventory, noticing and noting will make us realize that most of the times what we really need is already on our place. A little bit of organization and/or rotation of elements can do the trick.

And, if in fact we need to acquire more, take your time buying; not being “hungry” will allow us to make better decision on our purchases; whether it is a device, a service, software, advice... Whatever it is, go with a full belly.

In this case, being full will translate into being smart. Saving money and investing time; what a dish!

Munch, munch, repeat. Munch, munch, repeat.

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