Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Working overtime now with barely a minute to concentrate on other stuff. Culprits are clients that all of a sudden decide on new implementation with only 2 week warning. Love it.

So, not complaining, rather reporting my lapses of absence from the cloud lately.

All these ups and downs in rapid succession remind me of the fair. When I was part of staff all seemed to be like a merry-go-round: up and down and up and down and then the full cycle would repeat in similar ways. The horse was different but the tasks were the same, to the point of infinite boredom.

However as of late, everything seems to resemble the roller-coaster. I must confess I still cringe at the feeling of going down, turning quickly to the right or left or upwards is fine with me; it’s just the vertigo that I still can't control.
Obviously I understand going down means I will go up eventually. The only difference between the fast moves on a real roller-coaster and my current situation is that the mental exhaustion will get off-limits if the ride doesn't end soon.

Again, not complaining, but simply reporting.

I hope you are enjoying your ride too, independently of the apparatus you're riding.

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