Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tic tac tic tac...

What do you do when you are sleep deprived?

Is it a self-inflicted over-caffeinated reason? Too many worries? Lots of work and plenty of tasks still pending? Issues at home? Most of the above?

It's one of those nights when your body is exhausted yet your mind's still busy trying to figure out where to start the next day. Most of the solutions have been already figured out but you don't dare to get off the bed and write them down, and/or you are so tired (physically) that you prefer to try to remember everything the next day.

The thing is, if you think you are young enough to recall everything the next day, great! If not, then what? You know you will forget something. Worse, the very item you forget most of the times is the entire solution's touching stone.

You can only compare your dilemma with that of a comatose patient that hears and sees everything around her but is unable to respond to anything.

Hope you can remember e-ve-ry-thing then; in the meantime, try to get some sleep. There is always more coffee the next day. Tic tac tic tac tic tac … ...

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