Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Letting IT linger

On Monday, at kid’s soccer practice I found a program for volleyball drop-in. It made me remember how well I used to play and how much fun it was on my teenage years, as well as how much I enjoyed watching the international tournaments. The strategy, the athleticism, the pressure, everything around volleyball attracted me to be there that night.

However, the simple thought that it had been at least a couple of decades since the last time I faced a team of six on the other side of a net on a real court made me dread such initiative. I walked away for a 10 or 15 minutes lapse while recalling so many good times long gone.

Then I returned to see the page: it was clear: “Volleyball drop-in, $2.00 2 hours 8:30pm – 10:30pm, maximum 40 people”.

So, it would be three courts. I then remembered seeing some people getting to the gym some nights; all dressed and ready for the volleyball sessions. I felt compelled to join again. Yet, the thought that I would be the oldest person in the court, and perhaps the slowest, heaviest and most ignorant of the rules made me refrain again.
Then I found myself coming back to re-read such invitation for the third time! It was decided: I went home, looked for short pants, tennis shoes, a comfortable t-shirt and a bottle of water.

Turns out I had a great time! :D All my fears dissipated once there: it took me a few minutes to get acquainted with the ball feeling and weight, its bouncing and all. I wasn’t the oldest, or slowest… it did not matter. I took a beating and was on the floor a few times, some muscles I forgot existed hurt that night and the following days, but it was just great.

In business, and mainly on those IT related, we do the same. Don’t we? We let those specific projects or tasks linger sometimes more than necessary. Postpone them. Procrastinate. All the time!

We dread all the inconveniences of the pressure, the hindsight, the fact that we don’t know or remember everything there is to apply to the task, et cetera.
Surely we will finish exhausted and take a beating too. But I’m pretty sure the rewards will far outweigh the hassles.

Go play that game!

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