Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Criticizing and complimenting

Strange how most of the times is so easy to find fault, to vent out, to finger point, to even offend those that -intentionally or not- happen to create an unhappy event or situation for us.
We are so used (dare I say thanks to the media?) to prefer the negative news, the condemning and the complaining, rather than focusing on good news.

Seems to me like we are forgetting to apologize, to ask for forgiveness, to even say a word of appreciation to those that do things properly; worst, we don’t even offer the slightest form of recognition to the ones that go beyond the call of duty to help us.

If everybody is like me to a certain degree, I've found out that some of the best advice I’ve ever received has come from the most unexpected places and people. It has taken some time for those tips to become a push; partly because when the words are uttered we are in hearing mode but not in listening mode. It only happens that after maturing some ideas and then remembering such words we take action; with very positive results most of the times. And at such times, we then forgot who the tipster was.

Sometimes I’m in awe when I discover that those words have created something so positive. Better yet, people at times do some things for you and you only realize the effect of such actions later. And then again we can't remember who did what for us.

Thank you. :)

It might have been just a few words or a small gesture you did for me. So, I thank you while my smile shows my gratitude.

Note to self: please do the same for everybody else. Saying thank you requires less than a second. A smile is easier than any other use of our facial muscles.

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