Sunday, January 24, 2010

One month after Xmas

WOW! So much to do, so little time... or so it goes.

After what seems like an eternity there is a feeling of void for being so separated from the writing world.
Not that there is no intention, simply that with so much work and all the latest developments globally, one but wonders what is important and what is not.
After sharing tears and thoughts watching the Haiti scenes on TV and Web, trying to please clients as best as we can, asking ourselves how come kids still insist on a different colour or style of shoes when everything else is way more urgent that such demand.

Trying to keep a “normal” life balancing everything that is going on in our micro and macro environment is sometimes an open question. Why do we do our job? What's the purpose of taking kids to school, go to work, return exhausted to continue with evening activities... always waiting for the weekend, that comes and becomes shorter every time...?

When will it end!?

Then, while trying to make sense of it all, we get distracted by work, family issues, health matters... social events, … never to come back to our train of thought to fully figure out our purpose in life.
Or at least a better, easier or faster way to get to the next mark.

Oh! well... I'd better get back to my email... there are 6 urgent messages I have to reply to among other 100 not-so-important that I still have to address.

Keep me posted if you find something close to an explanation of what really matters in this planet.

Phone ringing, gotta go.

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