Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kids’ play

Watching kids at soccer practice, I just realize how sometimes we adults do not understand the rules of the game and therefore perform a very poor role in the organization. On top of that, those of us that do understand the rules sometimes lack the ability or intelligence (or both) to play better than we in reality could.

I'm not trying to convey the message that we all should be experts on technology or a specific device or tool, or business processes, but trying to make an analogy so that I remind myself we can always improve via training, practice and paying attention.

The game the kids are playing and specifically the exercise the coaches implemented for them to learn has not real implications for those that are here just to have fun. For the ones that will become soccer players, at least on a semi-professional level, this day will be somehow ingrained in their memory for life.

In a business environment, there is implications, complications and grave consequences when those rules are not known, followed, or implemented at least to minimum requirements.

Are your teammates playing by the rules and to the best of their abilities?

Then you should win 3 – 0.


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