Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting easier every time, thanks to IT

As Internet connectivity becomes faster, new technologies are better and more integrated than before, social networking is becoming commonplace, both on the Web and inside the buildings; we can do so many things remotely now that we simply could not just some years ago.

Nowadays we can connect to the office seeing on our screen exactly and almost 100% with the same clarity everything we have on our computer. It is becoming simpler to connect, faster to work on, and cheaper to implement.

I remember some years ago the fuzz and all the outrage from some of us regarding the “IT does not matter” article. Most of us did not understand the paradox implicit in such document.
What company, big or small could ever survive without IT today?
What would you be doing instead of reading these lines on your screen?


Now please forward as appropriate, use as many methods as you can: post, tweet, blog, email, txt message, facebook, your choice -or all of them-.

See? There are so many now! And all are cheap, fast and easy. :)

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