Monday, January 25, 2010

Cloud Computing gaining strength

A lot of smaller companies and new products have started sprouting in the last couple of years. Almost every day now we get news about this new on-line backup solution or the new offers on hosted email and document managers from new and old companies.

Even Microsoft wants to start offering such products on top of the existing consumer-targeted and free Live features; this time gathering brokers and ISPs to push their products on the business space.

Seems to me like this is the start of the real social Internet: we pay right now for some services while most of the really useful ones are still free. I am envisioning a free-internet for all in the near future: the plan is that we all share our existing equipment in a way so that computers and servers are intelligent enough to find, assemble and provide functions from different places and supply those to the ones that need it at that moment. The unused computing power, idle at 12:00 GMT would be helping those whose time zone is 0:00 GMT, and vice versa. A quid pro quo environment that makes use of all the interconnected computers in the globe.

Now, that’s the real Cloud Computing concept.

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