Monday, November 16, 2009

Winter approaching

I happen to live in a place where summers are great, but winters are, well... Winters.

As December approaches, winds are stronger, power lines get cut, rain makes some telecommunications spotty at the best of times; and when snow is finally here, it takes more time than average to get to the places we want to get to.

All these combined create an interesting array of corrective measures most of the times. So, we find ourselves immersed in a waterfall of tasks that prevent us from checking the scenery, an enjoy it.

Today, for instance, wind blew most of the day, and at times it joined forces with heavy rain. That made driving a nightmare. Walking commuters obviously paid a higher price.

However, it is until late at night that I find the whole thing beautiful. The rain is present and so is the wind. The temperature outside is nearing the point of freezing, but all in all the night is beautiful. Can't see stars, can't hear the birds or bugs, but even so, the blurry shape of distant trees moving in waves makes the landscape unique. The wind has brought distant scents of nature that we definitely can't appreciate on warmer days. All in all I just notice how little times we "stop to smell the flowers".

This is one of such moments I realize I've wasted so many precious moments thinking that it would be a waste of time to make a pause on daily chores and admire the surroundings.

Pretty sure my mind will be fresh and in better shape tomorrow after this delightful break.

(Sniff...) Hah... It takes my breath away.

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