Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stoic enterprises

It might seem like the R season is finally over. The victims of such couple of years we all know about will become just a memory in a few years.

However, as of today there are more SMEs wounded than we know. They are never mentioned in the news but only as a collective number on statistical presentations way after the fact. Some of them have presented a strong, fierce and very honourable fight. They’ve withstood their ground for most of the storm.

It is until now that the inflicted wounds start to become unbearable, the strength has waned and they are about to fall, or close their eyes never to open again.
I’ve seen a few of such warrior SMEs play the entire game with a drive to win right up to the final whistle. What a lesson.

I salute you all, great captains. Your members will disband perhaps but they know the quality of your leadership now. They will be back at first call, whichever boat you happen to get now.

Thanks for the active lecture, the inspiring show and the great relationship we made. I will be back too, just let me know you are ready to sail again.

With the uttermost respect and admiration,

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