Monday, November 9, 2009

Aren't we lucky?

At soccer practice. A good break on the day and suddenly I have more information than I can consume in the palm of my hand: news, dozens of email messages, weather updates, a few text messages, facebook notifications, etc. And the ability to browse the Web if I'm inclined to.

Long are the days in which I would take a newspaper and browse thru its pages trying to find anything attractive to read. Or waiting for the evening news hour in order to be updated on world developments.

Nowadays even teenagers can get (and create) news or simple posts without even the need to know how to spell words. Pix, movies, short sentences... Whatever they can get from their phones and PDAs can easily and quickly be on the Internet.

The good news too is that we can as easily filter the information to the one we only want to receive.

We are SO lucky to live at this pace...
...sorry, gotta go. New message notification.

C U l8r.

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