Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September already

WOW! This has surely been the fastest year ever! I'm pretty sure our hours have been 59 or 58 minutes each …or so it feels.

We IT inclined people know that in economic slowdowns, after government and heath care, IT is the most resilient field there is nowadays. Even so, I know many peers and companies that constantly whine about our industry status quo.

Not me. I am so fortunate to work in good company, and working with great suppliers while servicing clients that I really like and who seem to like us too. We have been very busy each day. Not a single opportunity for slacking.
So, what is the fuzz about? With September, school starts, vacations end, fall is almost here, and then holidays abound. With all that coming down the pipe, there is no time for complaints.

Did I mention a few changes in the IT horizon will take place too? (Ubuntu 9.10, Windows 7)

So, sorry for the briefness. Work calls.
Enjoy being busy. If you are not, believe me it is your fault.

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