Saturday, June 20, 2009

The train...

Here I am stuck in traffic realizing I need to really start doing something about not having to drive a car everywhere.

While all I can do is listen to music, watch the vehicles around me and realize by focusing far in the distance the "problem" is a long train crossing, all my mind can really do is try to count its cars. Kind of easy, they are all different colours and shapes, one after another, a parade of steely objects all linked together and part of a whole.

What would those cars be unhooked?

Just like our thoughts and actions, they do really belong together. One after another they form and shape whole ideas and developments. They become actions that create value once we implement them; some even need more than ourselves to come to fruition, others grow by hooking up to somebody else's train cars and becoming part of their trains.

Keep it growing. Your train will look nicer with more cars of different shapes and colours. Make it so that your cars become somebody else's train too. And more importantly, allow other's trains to join yours and become a longer one.

Move your train; allow others to count your cars.

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