Friday, June 5, 2009

System is dead... next!

Maria cried for an hour after receiving the news that her laptop hard drive was damaged beyond repair. Not that it could not be sent to a data recovery lab, just that the company did not consider it necessary. She then received a brand new laptop with the latest OS, latest Office Suite, fastest processor available and a hard drive that had 8 times more capacity than the dead one.
Inconsolably, she said “...and I've been so busy that had not had time to make a data backup for the last month.” Turns out she did not backup her files for more than 3 months.
Now she faces the multiple challenges that come with the adoption of a new system, or a new process, or a new technology... a new everything. She will learn to live with that while recreating and salvaging whatever she can from the old backup. Practically a new job.

However, despite the fact that this change was “enforced” on her, isn't it the same with our everyday life that we face new situations and challenges?

Dust settles down and we are ready to start the new cycle. Turn the page, take the plunge, close the loop, check off the date, kiss it goodbye, resign the game or announce check mate, open that door, smell the flowers, check the scenery...
It is not that bad, is it? Just start the next chapter of your life. It is in fact the continuation of your steps: glance at the Km mark and realize that you are closer to the finish line.

Whatever it is you are getting today: a new system, a plan, a challenge, a task, a friend, a project, an idea. Just take it as a man, take it as a woman. Just take it.
Make sure the next chapter is based on the previous ones, just richer and more entertaining. You have all the material to create it so.

Take it with a smile! :D

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