Wednesday, June 24, 2009

River view

About to leave a branch office, the car is parked in a parking lot that oversees a huge river. For whatever reason it always catches my attention and I find myself looking up the river.

There's nothing that links me to it in any way. However, every time I'm here I feel strongly connected to the river. The view is not great, there's nothing artistic or picturesque about it. Yet here I am again and again trying to decipher the message it's trying to convey...

The other day I took a picture to send it to somebody I care about, and then when checking the picture after I did, I felt like a stupid because there is absolutely no way anybody would find anything interesting on it; save some engineers looking at a couple old bridges.

The point here is that I disconnect from work and other worries each time I'm here. In fact, I feel so relaxed and at peace that I had the time and inclination to write and post this entire piece on my PDA.

Not bad for a grammar and orthography freak. ;)

Find your relax spot!

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