Thursday, June 18, 2009

Planning and the consequences of not doing it

Have you ever heard the 80/20 rule? About how most of the time 20 percent of people perform 80% of the work?
How about the “1 hour of planning saves 8 in execution”?
Yep. I have too.
Even so, and despite the fact that I know these, have some diplomas, have worked in many different fields, postgraduate studies, decades of work experience, etc. etc. I keep falling prey of my own rushed decisions.
Here we are again, operating in crisis mode all the time. Something crashed and everybody is upset and demanding to be back and operational in as little time as possible; which makes me apply band-aids to the problem instead of really fixing whatever is wrong once and for all.
And then, we come back again and again to slowly and painfully fix what we didn’t properly in the first place. Worst, every time we are back to the problem we are regretting our inaction and inability to plan and set things right.
When will I learn? Some people look up to me for advice and I give it as if was my gift to know it all and as if I never made any mistakes.

My gosh... do I really need to be born again? Do you have some advice for me? I think I need to hear from you now.

...oh! Excuse me; they are calling me again... I need to go back there and continue the patching. C U soon.

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