Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting "The Cloud

Microsoft is finally R&Ding, investing, and getting it on “the cloud.”
It’s a good thing. No matter how many years it took them to jump on the SAAS bandwagon, now most of what the populi is used to use, will be available through a browser.
It’s a good thing the mini-laptops debuted some months ago, that’s certainly a small push that helped the move gain momentum. Now that all HW is getting very affordable, and new versions more intuitive than previous OSs editions; we can swap Linux, MAC, and Windows computers without much hassle and be productive with any of those.
As it happens, M$ usually acquires companies that are spearheading a particular product or service and then applies its financial muscle and marketing expertise to make it the main or leading product in the marketplace. Expect MANY existing and new MS products running from ...ahem... Internet Explorer 8, or any recent browser.

Should we not follow this lead? My company, and many I worked before, still runs processes and systems that are very outdated. Not just the software systems, but the processes in acquiring and retaining clients are far from up to date. Many of such responsibilities and tasks rest on my shoulders, but without proper support from my fellow ‘mates I can’t make such changes alone.
We could easily eliminate tons of paper, electricity, and wasted time by simply starting a few changes that need to take place yesterday. For example, would you believe it is April 2009 and we still use a FAX machine!?

We do.

That particular device is my first target.

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